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We are the inde­pend­ent expert in assur­ance and risk man­age­ment. Driven by our pur­pose, to safe­guard life, prop­erty, and the envir­on­ment, we empower our cus­tom­ers and their stake­hold­ers with facts and reli­able insights so that crit­ical decisions can be made with con­fid­ence. As a trus­ted voice for many of the world’s most suc­cess­ful organ­iz­a­tions, we use our know­ledge to advance safety and per­form­ance, set industry bench­marks, and inspire and invent solu­tions to tackle global trans­form­a­tions.

We are the world’s lead­ing clas­si­fic­a­tion soci­ety and a recog­nized advisor for the mari­time industry. We deliver world-renowned test­ing, cer­ti­fic­a­tion and tech­nical advis­ory ser­vices to the energy value chain includ­ing renew­ables, oil and gas, and energy man­age­ment. We are one of the world’s lead­ing cer­ti­fic­a­tion bod­ies, help­ing busi­nesses assure the per­form­ance of their organ­iz­a­tions, products, people, facil­it­ies and sup­ply chains.

We are also a world-lead­ing pro­vider of digital solu­tions for man­aging risk and improv­ing safety and asset per­form­ance for ships, pipelines, pro­cessing plants, off­shore struc­tures, elec­tric grids, smart cit­ies and more. Our open industry assur­ance plat­form Vera­city, cyber secur­ity and soft­ware solu­tions sup­port busi­ness-crit­ical activ­it­ies across many indus­tries, includ­ing mari­time, energy and health­care.

Employer Brand­ing Sup­port (Werkstu­dent)


Working field:

You will be work­ing in a mod­ern, inter­na­tional and digit­al­ized organ­iz­a­tion that is driven by the pur­pose, to safe­guard life, prop­erty and the envir­on­ment.

As stu­dent assist­ant ("Werkstu­dent (m/w/div)") you will be part of our GSS organ­iz­a­tion and con­trib­ute to our Tal­ent Acquis­i­tion & Employer Brand­ing activ­it­ies.

Using your con­cep­tional skills and bring in your ideas, you will:

Sup­port in con­cep­tion, plan­ning and imple­ment­a­tion of Tal­ent Acquis­i­tion & Employer Brand­ing activ­it­ies for the Ger­man mar­ket
Col­lab­or­a­tion in the plan­ning of event par­ti­cip­a­tion, e.g. career fairs
In addi­tion, if you are inter­ested you may be involved in other pro­ject top­ics such as in the field of labor law activ­it­ies

This pos­i­tion will enable you to grow and get exper­i­ence in a pro­fes­sional HR organ­iz­a­tion. Your place of work will be in the Hafen­city of Ham­burg.

Many bene­fits await you, such as food sub­sidies for our canteen, offers in the field of health pro­mo­tion and the exchange in our stu­dent net­work.


  • Enrolled stu­dent in the field of busi­ness admin­is­tra­tion, mar­ket­ing, com­mu­nic­a­tion sci­ences or eco­nom­ics with a focus on mar­ket­ing/human resources or sim­ilar study
  • First prac­tical exper­i­ence in the con­text of intern­ships or part-time employ­ment is wel­come
  • Affin­ity for con­cep­tion and plan­ning
  • Pro­act­ive approach
  • Very good MS Office skills, Power­Point and Excel
  • Enjoy work­ing in a team and enjoy deal­ing with people
  • Flu­ency in Ger­man and Eng­lish lan­guage required
  • Avail­ab­il­ity: approx. 10-15 hours per week, time-lim­ited for 1 year for now

What we offer:

  • Work­ing in a dynamic team with var­ied and chal­len­ging field of respons­ib­il­it­ies
  • Flex­ible place of work (hybrid model)
  • An excel­lent place to work in Hafen­City in a new office envir­on­ment
  • Fur­ther attract­ive bene­fits such as sub­sid­ized canteen
  • Wide range of oppor­tun­it­ies for indi­vidual fur­ther edu­ca­tion, train­ing and advance­ment

How to apply: