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Tech­ni­sche Uni­ver­sität Ber­lin - Faculty IV

Technische Universität Berlin, Faculty IV - Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Institute of Software Engineering and Theoretical Computer Science invites applications for the position of a

University Professor - salary grade W2

in the field of “Quantum Communication Networks”.

The position is financed through the Berlin initiative for the promotion of equal opportunities for women in research and teaching (Berliner Programm zur Förderung der Chancengleichheit für Frauen in Forschung und Lehre).

Working field:

The professorship conducts research and teaches in the field of quantum communication networks. Particular focus is placed on developing new protocols for secure quantum communication, delegating quantum calculations, and quantum routing. The position holder is also expected to teach relevant courses in German and English in Faculty IV’s master’s degree programs (computer science, electrical engineering) as well as compulsory and compulsory elective courses in the computer science bachelor’s program. In addition to close cooperation both within Faculty IV and with other academic chairs at Technische Universität Berlin, you are expected to work closely with the other Berlin universities, for example within the framework of the Einstein Research Unit for Quantum Technologies.

Further responsibilities include leading and managing the department and its staff; supporting the advancement of junior scholars, women, and social diversity; knowledge and technology transfer; initiatives to promote internationalization; gender and diversity competence, and sustainability-oriented action; as well as committee and comission work.


Candidates must fulfill the hiring requirements pursuant to Section 100 BerlHG (Berlin State Higher Education Act). These include a university degree, for example in computer science, physics, electrical engineering, or mathematics; a strong aptitude for scientific work (as a rule demonstrated by the quality of a doctorate); additional academic achievements (as a rule demonstrated by a positively assessed junior professorship or Habilitation or habilitation equivalent) ; as well as teaching skills and experience demonstrated by a teaching portfolio (further information about the portfolio is available on the Technische Universität Berlin website (

In addition, you must be established in your field with an international reputation and be able to demonstrate in-depth knowledge as well as relevant publications in the area of quantum communication networks and quantum computation and/or quantum cryptography. Applicants are requested to include a research and teaching concept with their application. Experience of supervising final theses and academic self-governance, as well as strategic planning, acquisition, and management of research and development projects is expected. The successful candidate should possess the requisite skills for leadership and for the advancement of junior scholars and women as well as in the area of gender and diversity. Experience in knowledge and technology transfer is just as important as sensitivity to sustainability issues.

As a university with an international profile, we require our professors to have very good English-language skills. We expressly welcome applications from candidates whose first language is not German who are absolutely committed to quickly learning the language (

How to apply:

Technische Universität Berlin is seeking to increase the proportion of women in research and teaching and actively encourages applications from suitably qualified female candidates. Preference will be given to applicants with severe disabilities who equally fulfill the requirements of the position.
Technische Universität Berlin values the diversity of its members and is committed to equality of opportunity. We are a certified family-friendly university and our Dual Career Service can assist you and your family with your move to Berlin.

Technische Universität Berlin aims to improve the fairness of its appointment procedures and has developed a template to take account of academic age in appointment procedures as part of a pilot project. The template is to be used regularly in the procedures from the beginning of 2023. The form (Excel file) is available for download here,

Please submit your written application quoting the above reference to Technische Universität Berlin - Die Präsidentin -, Dekan der Fakultät IV, Sekr. MAR 6-1, Marchstr. 23, 10587 Berlin or by email to berufungen(AT) Your application should include a CV including a list of publications, copies of transcripts and certificates, a research concept and teaching portfolio, up to 5 key publications, as well as a one page equal opportunities and diversity concept. For reasons of cost, applications cannot be returned. Please only submit copies of documents.

By applying online you give your consent to the electronic processing and storage of your data. Please note that we do not guarantee the protection of your personal data when submitted as an unprotected file. Data protection information on the processing of your data in accordance with the DSGVO can be found on the website of the personnel department.