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Baker Hug­hes

We are the lea­ding energy tech­no­logy com­pany. We design, manu­fac­ture and ser­vice trans­for­ma­tive tech­no­lo­gies to help take energy for­ward. The Oil­field Ser­vices and Oil­field Equip­ment seg­ments pro­vide pro­ducts and ser­vices for onshore and off­shore ope­ra­ti­ons across the lifecy­cle of a well. Digi­tal Solu­ti­ons com­bi­nes sophisti­ca­ted hard­ware tech­no­lo­gies with enter­prise-class soft­ware pro­ducts and ana­ly­tics to con­nect indus­trial assets. The Tur­bo­ma­chinery & Pro­cess Solu­ti­ons seg­ment pro­vi­des equip­ment and rela­ted ser­vices for mecha­ni­cal drive across energy indus­try as well flow and pro­cess con­trol for indus­trial seg­ments.

Engin­eer – Mech­an­ics and Dynam­ics (d/f/m)


Working field:

Join our Tech­no­logy Devel­op­ment Team!

In the tech­no­logy devel­op­ment depart­ment, we work on com­plex mech­an­ical, elec­tromech­an­ical, hydraulic and sensor sys­tems that must with­stand ever increas­ing demands.
We use exotic mater­i­als to reach highest qual­ity for our sys­tems in an extreme pres­sure and tem­per­at­ure envir­on­ment.

As Engin­eer – Mech­an­ics and Dynam­ics (d/f/m), you will be respons­ible for:

Mod­el­ing and sim­u­la­tion of com­plex down­hole struc­tures in the drilling pro­cess
Veri­fy­ing and val­id­at­ing of sim­u­la­tions with tests and data ana­lysis
Proof­ing of struc­tural integ­rity of drilling tools
Ensur­ing the reli­ab­il­ity eval­u­ations of drilling tools
Plan­ning mon­it­or­ing and eval­u­at­ing mech­an­ical tests of down­hole tools
Devel­op­ing stand­ards and pro­cesses for the devel­op­ment of tools at the edge of the tech­nical feas­ible
Col­lab­or­at­ing with dif­fer­ent groups in the product life cycle, out­side research organ­iz­a­tions and uni­versit­ies
Doc­u­ment­ing and present­ing work res­ults


To be suc­cess­ful in this role you:

Have suc­cess­fully com­pleted your PhD or Mas­ter stud­ies in mech­an­ical engin­eer­ing, mechat­ron­ics, or sim­ilar fields
Have sig­ni­fic­ant exper­i­ence and know­ledge in engin­eer­ing mech­an­ics
Have good exper­i­ence with FEM for struc­tural mech­an­ics and dynam­ics (i.e. ANSYS)
Have rel­ev­ant data pro­cessing and ana­lysis skills and exper­i­ence (i.e. MAT­LAB)
Are self-motiv­ated with a hands-on men­tal­ity, and organ­ized work­ing beha­vior as part of an
        inter­na­tional and mul­tidiscip­lin­ary team
Have good com­mu­nic­a­tion skills in Ger­man and Eng­lish as well as an interest in work­ing with other

What we offer:

You can expect:

Con­tem­por­ary work-life bal­ance policies and well­being activ­it­ies
Safety net of insur­ance for acci­dents, death and dis­ab­il­ity
Pro­fes­sional devel­op­ment courses
Inter­est­ing Employee Stock Pur­chase Plan
Sub­sid­iz­a­tion of a mod­ern canteen
Child­care offer for spring, sum­mer, and autumn breaks of 1 week each