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Hano­Tec Full­ser­vice Web­agen­tur GmbH

We are a tech­no­logy bou­tique estab­lished by a group of serial entre­pre­neurs focu­sing on both holistic IT stra­tegy as well as cut­ting-edge deve­lop­ment. We deli­ver game chan­ging out­co­mes for our cli­ents glo­bally through our uni­que approach com­bi­ning stra­tegy and state of the art tech­no­logy.
Become part of a young, agile, result-dri­ven, and out­side of the box thin­king team, with access to great and chal­len­ging pro­jects in tech­no­logy.

Part-time growth consultant (f/m/d)


  • Entwicklung eines soliden Arbeitswissens über unser Angebot und die Vorteile, die es Kunden und Partnern bietet
  • Der erste Kontaktpunkt zu sein und unangemeldete Anrufe zu tätigen oder herzliche Kontakte zu knüpfen, indem man über den Tellerrand hinaus denkt, um neue und einzigartige Verkaufstaktiken zu entwickeln
  • Bearbeitung eingehender Anfragen und Aufbau erster Kundenbeziehungen über eine Vielzahl von Kanälen (Unternehmenswebsite, LinkedIn, Telefon, E-Mail usw.)
  • Sicherstellen, dass alle Leads gut qualifiziert sind, indem die richtigen Entscheidungsträger identifiziert und ihre Anforderungen verstanden werden
  • Entwerfen branchenspezifische Outbound-Bemühungen, um mit den Key Accounts in Kontakt zu treten, und leiten Sie diese Kontakte an das Account Manager-Team weiter
  • Arbeiten mit einem CRM-System und Aktualität der Informations- und Aktivitätsflüsse

Erwartete Qualifikationen:


  • Ongo­ing uni­ver­sity stu­dies with good results
  • Flu­ency in both Ger­man and Eng­lish, spo­ken and writ­ten
  • Ide­ally, initial know­ledge or expe­ri­ence in the areas sales and/or busi­ness deve­lop­ment as well as IT
  • Strong com­mu­ni­ca­tion skills and an extro­ver­ted per­so­na­lity
  • Quick com­pre­hen­sion and enthu­si­asm
  • A good por­tion of humor would also be great


  • the abi­lity to adapt to chan­ges in role and respon­si­bi­li­ties
  • the abi­lity to find the approach to dif­fe­rent types of people in order to estab­lish posi­tive and las­ting rela­ti­ons­hips with the part­ners as well as inter­nal con­nec­tions
  • the abi­lity to ana­lyze busi­ness oppor­tu­nities and read situa­ti­ons well
  • the abi­lity to work inde­pendently in a fast-paced envi­ron­ment
  • strong orga­ni­za­tio­nal skills
  • high-energy and moti­va­tion
  • a strong inte­rest, know­ledge, and pas­sion for tech­no­logy, inno­va­tion, and the indus­try
  • excel­lent com­mu­ni­ca­tion and coope­ra­tion skills as well as the desire to work clo­sely with col­leagues in other teams

Unser Angebot:

WE offer

  • A great working atmo­s­phere in thri­ving start-up envi­ron­ment with a dyna­mic team and flat hier­ar­chies
  • Working with a team of serial foun­ders and Ex-BCG con­sul­tants
  • Com­pre­hen­sive induc­tion and ongo­ing sup­port
  • All tech­no­lo­gies equip­ment nee­ded
  • Full fle­xi­bi­lity on working loca­tion